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Other Works Meme

This was posted over on urbanfantasyfans, so I thought I'd do it.

The story of a pint-sized female villain, who managed to run a team of international criminals and go to school at the same time. Written at a time when  thought the epitome of cool was lots of black leather and a motorbike (*hangs head in shame*). I look back on it as a learning exercise.

The story of a submarine pleasure cruiser that has a tragic accident - most of the passengers get away safely, but some are left behind. The MC discovers them ten years later, under spoilertastic  circumstance.
Plans: I do want to rewrite this one.

In an effort to blackmail the mayor, a rather inept bad guy kidnaps who he thinks is the mayor's daughter. The girl is just a classmate of the mayor's daughter and of no blackmail value, so the plan fails miserably. Through a comedy of errors, he finds out that he's actually kidnapped his own estranged daughter. >_<
Plans: None

A quartet of stories revolving around a princess and her closest friends. Funny fantasy, but played straight - not a Shrek-tastic load of in-jokes and pop-culture references.
Plans: To be rewritten soon.

Second Chances
A SF work, involving a girl with a chip in her head, an unfinished genetic experiment and an ex-con foiling a meglomaniac's plans to take over the city. This then evolved into a much more serious work (original was rather funny), about the end of the world.
Plans: Oh, there are definitely plans, can't say much though.

The first version of what become Mirrorfall, back when it was still a cyberpunk world.
Plans: Has been rewritten, and is being released as Mirrorfall as we speak.

"The goddess story"
Standard "demon attempts apocalypse" type of story, with a few definite twists. Is now an integral part of the Mirrorfall-verse's history.
Plans: To be rewritten, now  that the universe has been set into place, and I know what I need from it.

My first attempt to smush together the worlds of Integrity and TGS - it involved Stef being the offspring of the TGS's main characters, and having inherited in that not-quite-genetic way, a few tricks of her own. It had merits, but didn't feel strong enough.

However, this was the first time that the Agents were referred to as Angels - something that has carried over, even though now it's in name only and they don't have the wings.
Plans: Scrapped and rewritten.

Was actually a serious attempt at writing a standalone novel in the Mirrorfall-verse that I was planning on shopping around to agents. It was going to be a story that hinted at what had come before, without the terrible strings of needing to be attached to a series. Most of the plot was recycled from a scrapped Doctor Who fanscript (much to some people's delight). Also allowed me to create an analogue of a character that I had previously believed I would never get to use again, as the nature of his being wasn't compatible with what I'd written.
Plans: Will definitely be released as a serial now, but not for a while.
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